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Annual Gala

We will offer 2 shows for our annual gala, a 1pm and a 6pm on May 30th. Our performance this year will be at Clarke Theater in Mission.

Tickets are 20$

Dance FX COVID-19

At Dance FX, we value the importance of keeping our studios sanitized and safe for all of our dancers. As COVID-19 continues to be a part of our lives, it is our commitment to you that all of our facilities remain open while maintaining the highest levels of health and safety.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to creating a germ-free environment for every single dance lesson we teach. Every student can be assured that taking lessons with us at our studio will continue to be a safe and healthy environment.

Here are some of the measures we have put in place to combat any potential risk of COVID-19 in our studio:

  • Our staff are maintaining regular cleaning. In between each class we disinfect the studios.
  • Our lobby is currently closed for seating, and unfortunately, parents cannot watch classes.
  • Class sizes have been reduced to ensure your child’s health and safety.
  • Bathrooms are still accessible but will not be used as changerooms.
  • Masks and other PPE are not required but recommended.

What we ask of our students as they enter our studio is patience and understanding as we tackle these unprecedented times, together. Here’s what we kindly ask you to do when you are coming to our studio:

  1. Wash your hands!
  2. Wait for teachers before entering the studio and sanitize right away
  3. Follow teachers through the designated pathways
  4. Practice social distancing (2 meters or 6 feet apart)

Lastly, if you or your child are feeling unwell and showing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay at home.

From all of us at Dance FX, we appreciate your dedication and cooperation with our studio! Stay safe and we will see you very soon.