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We don’t let the parents go into the class to watch because it is too distracting to the students and the Instructors but the parents will able to see them on special selected days and we will give you a weeks notice.
All of our registration is completed online. Check out our class registration page to sign up and make reservations.
Our dance season runs from September to June.
The clothing requirements for each class are different. Wear loose-fitting sweats for hip hop classes paired with a T-shirt and black on black runners with ankle support. For Ballet wear bodysuit and tights with pink ballet slippers. All other types of dancing, wear yoga shorts, yoga pants and tank top, allowing for a wide range of movement. Acro is done in bare feet whereas other genres like tap require different types of shoes. For more information, call our front desk.
Prices vary from class to class. Feel free to check out our class registration page if you’re ready to come dance with us.