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“I don’t believe B Boying is a natural talent. It’s the drive to improve that matters.” ”
– Bboy Katsu

Express your own individual style of break dancing

Bboying is meant for driven students looking to elevate and perfect their style by working on fundamentals in footwork, drops, floor work and freezes. Bboying is a great choice if you are determined, looking to have fun, be fearless, and focus! Bboy is meant to express yourself, and get back to the traditional foundations.

Through this experimenting with movements, the dance moves known as popping and locking were created. Bboy became a unique blend of East and West coast America, creating the very broad genre that is BBoy. From the 90’s Running Man, to the 2000’s Soulja Boy dance, BBoy became known as dance style that is based on freestyle, that is heavily influenced by the music and its rhythm. Regardless of the specific bboy style, this style requires focus, strength, can incorporates highly technical elements and moves, athleticism, and a desire to experiment. The Bboy course allows each student to explore their own individual style of breaking, while still learning to dance as part of a group. Work hard to gain strength and safely perform powerful moves, spins, jumps, freezes, flips and suicides! Students will gradually learn to participate in battle rituals, freestyle circles, and commando routines.

Bboys Instructors