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Hip Hop

“Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order”
– Samuel Beckett

Learn to express yourself

If you are looking to sign up for a class where you will be challenged, learn to express yourself, and move to a songs rhythm, then our hip hop classes are the choice for you! Our hip hop classes are for people with any dance experience, from any dance genre! Our hip classes focus on building a strong foundation, through control and isolations, it can include popping, locking, freestyle movements, jumps, spins and more! Hip hop is meant to express yourself, and step away from the traditional foundations seen in other forms of dance.
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0206_Five 7__Alexis Burke
Hip hop dance originated in America and evolved out of another popular dance form we teach, jazz dance, and it was also influenced by African dances. Alongside Hip-Hop music, hip hop dance emerged as a dance style during the 1960’s in New York City. Across the country during the 60’s, hip hop was also influenced by dancers in Hollywood, who were trying to mimic the movements of robots. Through this experimenting with movements, the dance moves known as popping and locking were created. Hip hop became a unique blend of East and West coast America, creating the very broad genre that is Hip Hop Dancing.
From the 90’s Running Man, to the 2000’s Soulja Boy dance, hip hop became known as dance style that is based on freestyle, that is heavily influenced by the music and its rhythm. Today, modern hip hop can include many sub-styles, such as lyrical hip hop and jazz funk. Regardless of the specific hip hop style, this style requires focus, strength, can incorporates highly technical elements and moves, athleticism, and a desire to experiment. Our classes start with a thorough warm up the that builds foundational hip hop moves and strengthens your technique. The combination of stretch and strength can vary between teachers. After the warm we go across the floor practicing basic hip hop moves, you will also do exercises to help create your own moves based on your foundation of movement, and you will learn how to come up with moves that pair with music. The class ends with choreography where sequences are put together to practice musicality and performance skills. Hip hop is all about bringing your personality into your movements. Sign up for a class today and enjoy learning an expressive style that allows you to build self-confidence and express yourself.

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