Hip Hop Tech – Drop IN

$15.00 / week


Dance FX registered student Drop IN………..$10



This class is an adaptation of our regular hip hop option, perfect for anyone who wants to hone in on the basics or perfect their technique.

This is why you’ll notice people of all abilities in our classes— from youngsters to seasoned professionals, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to get a handle of thematic hip hop moves.

Perfecting hip hop technique is all about having the perfect kind of music. Drum sounds are incredibly important, along with snare sounds and a strong rhym. Dancers learn well by practicing with a variety of different beats, learning the art of improvisation while focusing on moving seamlessly at the same time. Dancers at Dance FX can expect a wide variety of music that makes hip hop fun and exciting.

Your teacher will show you “popping,” a term used to describe contracting and relaxing your muscles in sync with the music. “Locking” is another fundamental move, which means keeping your hips and legs into a relaxed position while using distinct arm and hand movements. “Breaking” is used to help maintain an improvisational feel. This sequence of moves creates a breakdancing structure in a variety of different positions.

When students are ready, they will learn how to do social dances, a freestyle subtype that’s often seen in music videos. Last but not least, you’ll perfect the “boogaloo,” a loose dance movement that involves using the hips and legs, making it appear as though you don’t have any bones. It’s important to remember that practice makes perfect and getting better requires patience and lots of energy. You can expect to grow in this class, focusing on grooving, texture, isolations and much more.