My name is Ariel Fuoco and I am a contemporary choreographer from Calgary. I now reside in Maple Ridge!

I have been a choreographer for 6 years now with a lot of background in the dance world. Being a dancer myself for 17 years now, I have decided to expand myself out of the city I grew up in and take my vision for the contemporary world with me. This year was an amazing eye opener for me. After winning the Top High Scores and Top Choreographer at every competition 3 years in a row, I received a tremendous amount of jobs throughout the country and US.

I am a firm believer in being a student forever, I love to learn! Whether that be different forms of dance, or following my outside passion of child psychology and practitioner training, I truly believe that is why I am unique in this field. Not only do I train that into myself, but I train that into my students as well.