Reid Friedl is a performer/choreographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Graduating from Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, he has been trained since youth in all genres of dance, choreography, and many other artistic fields. As the director of his training group, K.I! & Co., Creative Team member of PraiseTeam, his main goal is to bring his multi-genre infused, and artistic-focused intentions to the forefront through his choreography, concepts, teaching and performances. Working commercially on projects, such as, Descendants 3, Macklemores’ “Dance Off”, Motherland, Fallen Hearts, Nintendo “Splatoon 2”, choreographing for artists Asim Chin, Trill Sammy, Kalin White, Trystan Laurent, and working with choreographers Willdabeast, Alexander Chung, Mikey Dellavella, Reid balances between both roles of dancer and choreographer in the professional environment.