Dance FX Liability / waiver form



All participants MUST complete this form
All participants and students must complete/read  this form before participating in any classes or rehearsals at Dance FX School of Dance . If participant is under age 18, a parent or guardian must also sign this form.
Admission to class and/or rehearsal will not be granted if this form is not received prior to class and is not properly signed.

Dance FX instructors are all accomplished dancers and choreographers. We pride ourselves on providing all students with the very best instructors. Instructors are active memervors of the National and International Competitive Dance Community. As Such, Dance FX reserves the right to Modify class schedules and/or instructors when needed.




Policies and Procedures

If dancers are sick/unable to make their class, we ask that you contact the office as soon as possible or email.

  • DFX does not allow spectators during classes.
  • At DFX it is required to give a months notice before any cancellation of classes.
  • Dancers & Guardians are expected to read all info sent via email and check our website regularly.
  • DFX reserves the right to refuse business/remove anyone who acts in a disrespectful or abusive manor at any time.
  • Dancers are asked to be considerate and respectful to all teachers, parents and other students.
  • It is important to keep in communication with DFX  if there are issues, concerns, etc.
  • If a relative, friend, or neighbour is picking up your child, please inform DFX ahead of time for safety reasons.
  • Teachers are only responsible for students during their class time. Parents are responsible for making sure their child arrives on time and are picked up on time.
  • Cell phones!  If a student decides to bring their cell phone into the studio for security reasons, they will be required to place them in a designated area. While classes are in progress, all cell phones must be off or on silent.
  • Only Water is allowed in the studios.
    Please clean up after yourself if you bring a snack or food for breaks in between classes.
  • CLEAN dance shoes only. We ask you to please not wear outside shoes in class, it damages the floor.
  • We encourage and promote a positive environment, free of bullying, gossip, drama, judgement based on Race, sexual orientation, age etc. DFX will remove anyone who speaks badly about another student/faculty member/etc. This includes online/phone, in person or otherwise. We take this very seriously. This is not limited to students – Parents, please be aware that this behaviour will effect your dancer if you participate in the above. We ask that students/parents bring this to our attention if you hear about it.   



• Please try to keep missed classes to a minimum as students will be missing out on valuable dance training and may fall behind in their classes.
• Teachers will start dances for the annual recital in June. we ask that your child attends all or as many classes as possible to ensure he/she is fully prepared for recital.
• No refunds will be given for missed classes.                    


Weather/Holidays/Sick Days

If you are sick please STAY HOME!! One of our instructors at Dance FX has Cystic Fibrosis and can’t be around anyone who is or may be sick.
If there is a cancellation due to your instructor being sick you will be given a make up class, please keep informed for these times and days on the Dance FX Facebook page and website.
School closures due to severe weather conditions will be announced early on that day. Notifications of weather cancellations will be posted on the website and the Facebook page. Make up classes are not offered for classes missed due to weather cancellations or Students classes that fall on long weekends (Victoria Day, Family Day, etc.) unless otherwise posted.



Tuition is assessed annually as we run from July to June, and is due July 1.
Payments are only accepted online through our website.  Alternatively payment arrangements can be made if you wish to pay the year in full. $45.00 per NSF occurrence and late payments will result in a $25.00 charge PER occurrence. Missed payments can result in a suspension on your account. Accounts carrying a balance for more than 30 days will result in temporary suspension of classes until such time the account is paid in full and is in good standing. Costumes deposit(s) are due at registration, $75.00 per non-competition class and $100.00 per competition class.      Costume deposits and missed classes due to holidays or weather closures  are NON refundable. It is required you give a months notice before any cancellation of classes.        



Refund Policy
Dance FX School of Dance understands that not all students may enjoy the class(es) they are enrolled in, and we are more than happy to find a more suitable class for your child. If The decision is  to withdraw from the dance season ,  You must give an advanced months notice.

Waiver of Liability
I,  , recognize and understand the risks of physical injury inherent to dance and dance training and I fully assume those risks. I hereby release Dance FX School of Dance its affiliates dance studios, event sponsors, employees and dance teachers from all liability for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while attending or participating in any dance classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances. I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Dance FX School of Dance  its affiliate , employees and dance teachers for liabilities, costs and judgments arising from acts of omissions committed by me or my child which result in injury or damage to any person or property.        


Protection of Property
I understand and agree that it is my sole responsibility to safeguard my personal property while attending or participating in any classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances. I hereby release Dance FX School of Dance its affiliate dance studios, event sponsors, employees and dance teachers from all liability for loss or damage to my personal property while attending or participating in classes, rehearsals, workshops, or performances. I also agree to abide by any rules, regulations and policies set forth by Dance FX School of Dance .               


Medical Attention
In case of physical injury or medical emergency, I hereby authorize Dance FX School of Dance  to make necessary arrangements to transport myself or my child to a medical treatment facility as necessary.  All such transportation and medical treatment will be at my sole cost and expense.  I hereby authorize Dance FX School of Dance and/or agent thereof to exercise their best judgement in an emergency situation and release them from all liability resulting from injury sustained as a result of participation on behalf of above named participant. In extreme emergency, I understand that Dance FX School of Dance will attempt to notify the person(s) I have named below as my emergency contact(s) of my condition and how to reach me. Dance FX School of Dance assumes no responsibility in the instance of personal injury.   


Photo Release/Media
Dance FX School of Dance  reserves the right to use photographs and videos taken during classes, workshops, performances, or other affiliated events for the purposes of instruction, advertising and promoting Dance FX   and its programs. Students, or parents of students who are minors, who do not wish to comply with this policy must notify Dance FX School of Dance prior to participation in class.         


All Students and Parents are required to “like” and follow Dance FX Facebook page to stay up to date with events and scheduling. As well to keep up to date on the Dance FX website (   


Acknowledgement of Waiver
In signing this Release, I acknowledge and represent that I have fully informed myself of the content of the waiver and hold harmless agreement by reading it before I sign it, and I understand that I sign this document as my own free act and deed; no oral representations, statements, or inducements, apart from the written statement, have been made. I further state that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and am fully competent to sign this agreement; and that I execute this release for full, adequate, and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by the same. I further state that there are no health-related reasons or problems which preclude or restrict my or my child’s participation in this activity,


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Signed by Teresa Morrissette
Signed On: November 29, 2017

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